News Censoring and Filtration is here to Stay – Asian Media

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The history of the respective countries in the Asian region contributes in a deeper way Asian media handles information. Even for nations locate in the same geographic region, the critical issues might be facing is different from each other.  The economic parameters and the political facts also contribute to the way.  Such as how media handles press information and how they choose to convey the information.

News Censoring and Filtration is here to Stay

News censoring and filtration is here to stay no matter how genuine the Asian Media wants to be. Any media agency is dependent upon the state authority or national authority of the region in which they function from.  The media quality depends upon the person ruling the country.  When it comes to spreading information about the government activities, media would prefer to play it safe because they will obviously want to stay in business for long time.  They might prefer not to be overly critical about the government.  No region in Asia is left out of this kind of orientation in news making.

Cheap Reality Shows and Lousy Programs

There are negligible Asian Media that is not fill with cheap reality shows and several other lousy programs to generate sales revenue for businesses.  There are Asian regions where the media channel is state invest and the programs relay are too conventional, where one might feel that with the multitude of private run Asian Media channels, these state run channels are pro-government and are being run name sake. While some programs are obviously useful; the way in which the media promotes its programs, makes the usefulness sloppily accessible to the target audience.  The target audiences simply miss out on the communication.

Information That Other’s Fail to Declare about Asian Media

Well, there is the catch. With governments and capitalists dominating the Asian media different capitalists and power players in the politics start off with a media channel on their own.  This means what one person wants to hide will be reveal by the equally powerful opponent.  The news somehow spills all over.   With too many media channels coming up, at least one of them come up with information that other’s don’t declare.  Also, rare information gets spread across in the form of secret messages.  With advancement in technology and increase in communication facilities, it is hard for people to be able to hide information unless too much of work has gone in to the hiding process.

Politics and Media are Closely Connected

No amount of improvement in civil liberty will prevent authoritarian government from controlling the Asian media. To an average observer the Asian media plays an important role in helping with an understanding of the world around them.  For any society, whether it is about Asian or otherwise, the politics and media get closely connect with each other. While it is being a common trend for news media to be consistently putting pressure. Mainly on those who are acting in the political front, it takes a lot of evolution for Asian media to be able to operate freely. Since people do not interact with the politicians directly. Hence, they depend on the media for information about happenings in the politics and of course about government schemes.

Reciprocal Influence

Media influences and shapes the public opinion about politicians and the politicians influence the media.  In a way both of them influence each other in a substantial manner.  How the news is construct will depend upon the time, culture and place relate with the people and circumstances of the news.  Defending the status quo happens across all spheres.  The media wants to sustain its status quo and the power authorities like capitalists and politicians want to sustain the status quo.  An unspoken war is forever underway.

Quality of Media Practitioners

The quality of the information relayed is dependent upon the quality of the media practitioners.  Some media practitioners are conservative.  Conservative Asian Media people will not give up on their status quo at any cost.  They will want to sustain the order in the social and political sphere and they are black and white about what they publish.  In reality, they are those who check the activities of the government, and they literally dictate how improper activities are to be balance.  They stir in the required change at any point in time.  They deal with political transformation and society based crisis in the way it has to be.

With civil liberty picking up throughout the Asian Region, chances are too high for Asian Media to evolve to higher standards in authentic news making and reporting. This might not be uniform across all Asian regions.  Some regions might not show improvement at all while some regions might show really cool improvement.