Asian Media Reporters Who do not have the Borders

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There are some reporters who are die-hard in their virtues and they are not ready to give up on what they need to be doing no matter what.  Interestingly, the news agencies in Asian Media they work for are also ready to bear up for media ethics. It is true that majority of the Asian region has the least amount of journalistic freedom. There are some Asian regions that have set the worse kind of example when it comes to freedom of press.  The governments restrict and control the Asian Media outlets in those regions.

Asian Media Reporter Quality

To understand in a clear manner about the Asian media reporter quality and the respective news agency quality we have to examine each Asian region.  While almost every Asian Region government guarantees the freedom of press in a constitutional manner, the governments in reality control and restrict the freedom of press.  In some of the Asian regions where the infrastructure for telecommunication is not fully developed, there is a strong hindrance in terms of taking the news to the people.  It takes a well-developed communication channel to make news reach possible to all facets of the society.

Power over Public Opinion

In some Asian regions where the technological and educational infrastructure is well-developed the authoritative government censors the way in which news is delivered and they convert their political power in to a power that actually shapes the way in which the public will have to perceive the surrounding scenarios and happenings.  Some governments tend to use the media rightfully to establish stability and contribute to the economic growth of the Asian Region.

Decline in Journalistic freedom

There are some Asian regions where despite a well-established telecommunication system and civil literacy, the freedom for journalists is near zero.  Repeated attacks on journalists are not uncommon in these areas.  However, in some cases, the government would not censor the happenings by exerting its power on the media by preventing them from publishing attacks on journalists.  In some areas, it is freedom of press, in some areas it is restrict, in some areas it is not so free types.  There are too many variables dictating the status of Asian media in different Asian regions. Each area should be explore and study individually in a customize manner for authentic facts.

Positive Development

There are some Asian regions where the Asian Media is able to enjoy freedom of press.   Some states that were restrictive around a decade ago are the Asian regions with utmost positive development.  There are several newspapers that own and operate by civilians who are not authoritative political practitioners establish media outlets.  Even if they start off as fully free, they eventually become partially free.

The other problems that impact the Asian Media are low salaries and respect in terms of hierarchical positions occupied by editors and owners of press.  Any news that threatens national security will obviously be restrict by the authoritative government.  International reputation for a nation is create and destroy by the quality of media news. Therefore, any nation would obviously restrict and have control over the information transmitted to sustain its positive image.  Every administrative body will want to prevent defamation issues associated with the news.

Agents of Change

Regardless, there are some situations where there is a people movement happening. There is a mass outburst of unhappiness with the overall governance, where people choose to march against the government and they prefer to call it enough is enough.  They choose to work as a movement against the government. When this happens the media adds up to the awakening and they publish authentic information acting as agents of change.  Well, this might not last for too long, but when the negativities of governance are more than manageable and beyond ethical practices, people burst out and at this point, the Asian media enjoys its glorious period by being able to express maximum of freedom of press. When power regains, then censoring or information resumes to 100% or to a partial extent.

Moderate Behavior of Press

With encouraging global trends, Asian media is evolving to keep political situations and social happenings. It is under control by showing moderate behavior on important news in the media either by press, news paper, TV news, internet, or through smart phones.  This keeps the people informed about happenings. And, people react to the news.  When mass opinion propagate in a way to oppose unethical practices. There certain amount of control seen in overall behavior of politicians, capitalists and other influential agents in the society.  Every influential personality who works with vested interest want a mass outburst as it will in turn affect the target. Therefore, despite all negativeness and power struggles, Asian Media is influential during different periods of time.