Asian Media Not Freewheeling Everywhere

asian media

The degree of freedom experienced by Asian Media is not the same throughout the different Asian Countries.  Whether it is about the print media or the broadcasting media, the freedom of press differs a great deal between the Asian nations. Some nations allow the press to freewheel partially and some allow the press to work in a way it is subservient to the government, and some play somewhere in between.  Well, there is always a threat to professional standing.

Fear of Independent Media

Politicians and authoritative bodies control the press, because they are scared of the consequence of their power, if the media is allowed to function independently.  Even Asian media require some kind of economic stability; therefore, they do not have complete freedom to work by the freedom of press.  At some point in time or the other, they will have to get through the censorship process to satisfy power players and authoritative capitalists. There is definitely mild to strong crisis in freedom of press in all Asian regions.  No Asian media can be called influence free. Power play is there everywhere.  To sustain themselves, media allow a certain degree of influence naturally; however, in some areas, the influence is too dominant.

Criticism Silencing

When the media becomes open about criticisms about government and business affairs, it is true that politicians and capitalists will want to silence the criticism.  They do the needful to silence the criticism by power play. Some governments go to the extent of revising the existing law for the press.  Some of them come up with new interpretations about how journalists will have to deal with facts.  These are all common happenings in the different regions in Asia that the Asian Media covers for.

Illusion of Support in Asian Media

Almost every kind of government will exert some kind of control or the other over the media.  This is regardless of whether they are democratic, dictators or republic.  Popularly elected leaders of every kind will influence the press side.  There have been instances where the talk show hosts were shuffled, suspended, and programs removed.  All these happened because the expressed views were unfriendly to the existing power ruling the region.

Advertising Incentives

The major revenue for the press comes from advertising revenue and the relative incentives.  The politicians well have a major control over the advertisement budgets of state operated businesses and power exertions in the businesses of capitalists who obtain favors from existing government.  Therefore, only media that is acting in favor of the government will be able to prosper. There are some Asian regions where the Asian Media is the freest despite the suffering.  They choose to be what they are despite all the suffering. Media engagement is dependent upon public power and people opinion.  They need to go through all the confusions, manipulations, and other practices of influence exerted by power bodies.

News Media – New Possibilities of Asian media

Despite influential situations, global connectivity has helped news reach the attention of people.  This is true about regional, national and international happenings.  No matter what, the control of the government continues to exist. The politicians make use of the media to broadcast and propagate their ideological messages to people.  Most of the Asian media are under the influence of the government’s thumb. When governments issue laws that are against the press, it stays there despite popular people signature movements.  In all Asian Regions politics is a powerful influence.  Despite all, the governments were not able to completely silence the journalistic practices.  The tug of war keeps continuing.

Crack Down

Media is being used as a powerful tool to attract foreign investments from other nations. The top leaders of the government are looking to crack down to the sentiments of the social groups to eventually achieve the intended purpose.  Journalistic freedom and related issues continue to be a struggle and despite all this the Asian Media functions through trials trying to make revenue yet keeping up with press justice. Journalists and media channels are trying to find a break through strategy to deal with these challenges.  They are trying to bridge the differences too.  However, when the political climate is worse and revenue does not fall in to place, the press has no option than to shut down.

Press Has Long Way to Go

There is lot that is desired and expected from the Asian media; however, they find it hard to keep up with the standard due to variable power play from political and capitalist attitudes.  Government sanctions criticisms to be discussed and they censor the criticisms to be left out.  The media will have to either serve the public or they will have to survive the power players.  There is no mid way in between.  The situation is extreme for Asian Media.  Some media that tried to serve both have left the people to make the ultimate decision. People are ultimately trick by the government.  Government wins.  Press has long way to go.