Asian Media Habits Are Slowly Changing

asian media

Communication challenges are universal.  The Asian Media is no exception to it.  There is a clear relationship between poverty and media; however, there are some things that will not be obvious immediately via media.  One can be left wondering about why everyone should be worry about the freedom of press.  Well, the role of the media is to spread the news across to everyone.   It is important for the media to be powerful enough to make the eyes of the world turn towards a specific problem.  This should happen regardless of the language of the target citizen.

Quality and Impact of the Content Matters

If the news should be known widely, it should be interesting enough. For instance, if a news media is giving out information in one particular language, if the news is going to be powerful, the end recipient will be communicating the information in a casual talk to their friends who are not recipients to the language in which the news was published.  This is powerful about media news.

The quality and impact of the content matters; while, language has a role to carry the news to the target market, if the content is strong and is conveyed in a powerful manner, the end recipient will take the news by word of mouth to the non-natives of the language too.  The non-speaker of the language who cannot understand the language by himself/herself will in turn circulate the information to their circle. News that is powerfully conveyed can do the rounds more viral than what you can imagine.

Raise Awareness and Improve Understanding

For instance, when the Asian Media is promoting news about the activities or promotional plans of the government, the news needs to be kept alive until an awareness and understanding of the scheme or plan has reached the masses.  When it comes to governmental executions, the Asian Media is just a small part in the pie diagram.  However, the media can contribute to keeping the crucial aspects of the government information alive.  The Asian Media can do a lot about publishing the content related to the failing issue.

Power Holders and Freedom of Press

There is no denial about the fact that the media will be influence by capitalist and government control.  It becomes important for the media to survive these.  Any news that Asian Media reports about will be relate in some way or the other to the respective authorities.  This means the respective authorities are going to limit the freedom of press in one way or the other.  In a diverse continent like Asia, where the region has many countries, the media is forever facing the problem of being able to balance the power of authorities.   In reality, there is a power holder in every region.   Power holders prefer to filter the information and maintain their positive image in the eyes of the public. It takes skillful press expertise to turn the eyes to the filtered matter.

Government Handling Their Citizens

Some Asian governments are kind of conservative in the way they handle their citizens.   They do not prefer to encourage their Asian Media to expose factual information about the country.  Some information is likely to be critical in nature.  The citizens do not want to risk being track by the government.  The fear of facing authority is forever prevalent with the media and the citizens of a nation.  This has happened in the past, is happening now, and will continue to happen in the future.

Political Openness

While Political topics widely discuss, we cannot be sure if it set anytime at all.  There is always a restriction of expression happening at one point in time or other. This is particularly true about discussing a few abnormal issues. In some medical situations, the government might influence the Asian media about restricting the flow of information about a fast spreading epidemic.

Telecommunication Technology

With the coming of the telecommunication technology, it has become possible for people to share important bits of messages by sending SMS to each other.  Asian media habits are slowly changing. In fact, they are evolving for good. The growth of technology is go huge and information is being published everywhere to the extent that crucial information tends to spread life forest fire, in just a few minutes.

Critical Comment over Radio in Asian Media

Critical comments are becoming very common in the radio. Public opinion is getting to become very diverse depending upon how different groups of people in the public perceive the information.

The Asian Media can choose to serve the capitalists or they can choose to serve the interests of the public.  This is the age where everything is going for sale and we cannot be sure about media singularity.  The media has no option but to put up multiple faces before they can finally get the news across either in a wise way or otherwise.